Why do some people feel doomed when charged with a DUI?

Sure, many people call me feeling as if there is nothing anybody can do for them. Maybe they have called me only because their family, spouse or a friend insisted that they talk to a lawyer. They often feel this way because they know that the Commonwealth of Virginia has all of its resources, (the police, the Prosecutors and much of the law), working against them. They just feel like they don’t have a chance.
Everybody charged with a DUI can be helped and my office has successfully handled thousands of DUI cases over the past 30 years. There isn’t a single DUI case that I can think of that we have handled where we were not able to do something positive to make the outcome of the case better for our client than it was when they first picked up the phone to call and talk to us.
People come to us with having received bad advice and misinformation, and want to know what can be done about their situation and how an attorney can help with it. It’s the attorney’s job to provide them with the correct information; so that when the potential client is done talking with us, they will be more informed, more optimistic and more hopeful for a positive outcome.