What should I do if the insurance company contacts me after the accident?

There are usually two insurance companies involved in an auto accident; yours and the opposing party, and since you were injured and they are the bad guys, their insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. People often forget about their own insurance company when they are in an accident; when it’s someone else’s fault because they know that other person’s insurance company has to pay them, but let’s start with your own.

The injured party has an absolute duty to notify their own insurance company as soon as possible when they are in an accident; that’s part of every insurance contract. One reason to do that anyway is because, what if the person who has injured you doesn’t have insurance or it lapsed and they don’t even know? You want to notify your own insurance company about the accident to protect your interests or to be able to pursue an uninsured motorist claim if necessary, but if you don’t notify them in a timely manner; they may refuse to fulfill your uninsured motorist coverage.

With your own insurance company, you want to be open and forthright with them about what occurred in the accident and be factually correct. However the other person’s insurance company (we will call it the bad guy’s insurance company) is not your friend; they are, in essence, your enemy; there job is to protect the best interests of their insured, as well as the shareholders or owners, officers and directors of their company, which means they want to save them money and pay out as little as possible to you, the victim, in an insurance claim.

That is why you don’t speak to the other person’s insurance company; let your attorney to do that. You only want to speak to the other person’s insurance company with regard to the damage to your motor vehicle, and only tell them where your car is so they can send their property damage adjuster to take a look at it and figure out whether it’s totaled and give you a fair market value for it or, if it’s damaged, what repairs should be done and where. Those things are okay to talk to the bad guy’s insurance company about only in a very factual way; don’t be led into conversations about how you feel or what happened in the accident with the other person’s insurance company.
That’s why you need a personal injury lawyers; you contact them to speak to the bad guy’s insurance company, not you. However, you certainly can cooperate with your own insurance company; in most cases, you do not need an attorney to do that.